Various surfactants mixed with alkaline additives

XL-011 is an alkaline additive mixed with a variety of surfactants. It has the ability to improve melamine resin in all aspects: improve the stability of the resin, thereby increasing the storage period of the resin; improve the easy fracture characteristics of melamine itself, improve the toughness of the resin; enhance the resin pressure The film-forming properties during the process can improve corrosion resistance and stain resistance to a certain extent
Physical and chemical properties:
(1) Ingredients: This product is a mixture
(2) Appearance and properties: colorless, low-alcohol liquid
(3)PH: 9.0-12.0
(4) Relative density (water=1): 1.04-1.09
(5) Dosage: Subject to actual usage, usually usage is between 3-5%
(6) Packaging: square plastic ton barrel
(7) Storage period: sealed and stored for more than half a year
(8) Precautions: Avoid fire sources and store in a cool place

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