Pulse aldehyde resin curing agent

XL-610S is a highly efficient and latent aldehyde resin curing agent. It is suitable for the production of pulse aldehyde resin for impregnated paper. It can effectively solidify the pulse aldehyde resin, thereby reducing the quality problems caused by the leakage of pulse aldehyde resin onto the surface of melamine resin (such as poor surface sealing performance, easy adhesion of impregnated paper, etc.). At the same time, the application of this curing agent can improve the stability of the aldehyde resin, ensuring that the long-term use of the aldehyde resin does not affect its viscosity, water resistance and other characteristics. When laminating, the cross-linking density of the surface layer of the adhesive film is greater and more durable. Acidity and alkalinity
Physical and chemical properties:
(1) Appearance and properties: Colorless or yellowish transparent low-alcohol liquid
(2) PH: Neutral
(3) Relative density (water=1): 1.15-128
(4) Dosage: Based on actual usage, the usual usage is between 0.1-0.25%
(5) Packaging: square plastic ton barrel
(6) Storage period: sealed and stored for more than half a year
(7) Precautions: Avoid fire sources and store in a cool place

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